News: Slurp Live Octopus Here

Slurp Live Octopus Here

Another stomach churning exotic delicacy (previously, testicles: 1, 2). Watch below as National Geographic pays a visit to Korea to check out the art of eating live octopus.

Not QUITE as scary as seen in Korean movie classic, Oldboy (videos 2 & 3 in the gallery below).

(2) Oldboy Octopus Eating Scene, (3) Oldboy Octopus Eating (Behind the Scenes)
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It sounds like one of those rite of passage things little boys come up with to make their friends do nasty things. Maybe the legend is based off of something like that?

thats disgusting and inhumane, Anybody who does that deserves to choke.

I wouldn't want to be one of those octopi. The monster of the deep my foot! The monster of the dry is way creepier.

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