How To: Grill Tempting Canned Tuna Burgers

Grill Tempting Canned Tuna Burgers

For a health conscious change of pace, try a tuna burger! They are so easy to make, all you have to get is some canned tuna, which you probably already have in our pantry. This cooking how-to video is part of Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller show hosted by Robin Miller.

(Note: the video below is currently marked as private by Food Networks, and might be available again in the future. Otherwise, see below for a link to the video on Food Network's site.)

Busy people everywhere face the same dilemma - how to get healthy weeknight dinners on the table when you've only got minutes to spare. Cookbook author, nutritionist and food journalist Robin Miller guides you through the landmines of getting food on the table nightly with her stress-free meal planning strategies. Her easy, day by day plans help even the novice cook master these quick and tasty recipes. Plus, each week's menu comes with its own shopping list so you only have to hit the store once. Problem solved makes some tempting canned tuna burgers. To serve top off with your favorite veggies.

Savory Tuna Burgers Recipe : Robin Miller : Food Network

Savory Tuna Burgers Recipe : Robin Miller : Food Network Click here to view the video on Food Network.

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Why post a video and have it unavailable to watch? It says "This video is private"

Food Network marked it as private for some reason, but you can view it on their site here.

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