How To: Sear salmon

Sear salmon

This video is a demonstration of how to sear salmon, with ideas on how to serve it. She has two salmon filets with skin on. She brushes them with olive oil and sprinkles them with sea salt and pepper. She heats a cast iron skillet with olive oil in it and places the filets skin side down into the pan. She wants to cook them so there is a crisp edge on the skin. It's important to leave the salmon alone while it cooks, don't poke it or nudge it. She uses a special fish spatula to turn the fish when about a quarter inch of it is cooked. She cooks it for two minutes on the other side, and then cooks it the rest of the way in the oven until it's about 125 degrees in the center.

She suggests several ways to serve the fish: with fig balsamic, with mango salsa, with pomegranate fennel salsa, or with basil oil. This video teaches a basic method of cooking salmon that can be used in many different recipes.

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