How To: Make stuffed quahogs (clams) with chorizo & lime juice

Make stuffed quahogs (clams) with chorizo & lime juice

Stuffed clams are an awesome appetizer for parties and get-togethers, and these stuffed clams are even better! This video recipe will show you how to make what's called "clams casino". When you taste them, you'll understand why it's called what it's called.

5 ingredients are all it takes to make a delicious seafood appetizer. Juicy clams (or quahogs), a bit of citrus, diced smoky chorizo sausage, butter and Panko breadcrumbs create these little beauties. Erik Bevans of Quahog Republic offers this precursor to any seafood dinner, or a perfect treat for lazing around with a nice cold beer, just chillin' and relaxin'.


Serves 2 as appetizer

* 1 dozen littleneck clams + ½ cup reserved clam juice
* ½ cup fresh-squeezed lime juice
* ½ lb chorizo, diced
* 4 tbsp melted butter
* 2 cups Panko breadcrumbs


Note: Store fresh littlenecks on a baking sheet in one flat row in the refrigerator just before use. This will calm the clams and make them easier to shuck

1. Open littlenecks and reserve juice (½ cup juice is needed). Discard top shells, and loosen clam on bottom. Place on sheet pan on the half shell, and refrigerate until ready to combine with other ingredients
2. Preheat oven to 375º
3. Put clam juice and lime juice in pan and reduce by half over high heat
4. Add chorizo and cook until chorizo is browned. Remove and let cool
5. In medium mixing bowl, combine melted butter, breadcrumbs and the chorizo mixture. If too wet, add more breadcrumbs. If too dry, add 1 tbsp additional butter at a time
6. Mound mixture over each clam on half shell. Pack firmly
7. Bake until golden-brown, 10-12 minutes, and serve warm

Make stuffed quahogs (clams) with chorizo & lime juice

Make stuffed quahogs (clams) with chorizo & lime juice Click through to watch this video on

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