How to Make Indian food: Fish kabab

Fish kabab

The lady in the video teaches how to make Fish kebabs. White firm fish, such as cod fillets are used to make the kebabs. One teaspoon of mint garlic, one whole jalapeno pepper, three cloves, two cut up small potatoes, salt, chopped cilantro, and a blend of Indian tart spices. The fish is cooked in a pressure cooker, and the potatoes are added. The green peppers are added, and the garlic is also added. The three cloves also go in, with half a cup of water. A level teaspoon of salt is added. The lid is put on and set to simmer, and cooked for five minutes. The water needs to completely evaporate, and some lime is added. The dry food is put into a blender, and cilantro is mixed in. The whole thing is formed into patties. Bread crumbs and an egg mix are dipped into, and the patties are fried. until they are golden brown. A user could learn how to make Indian style Fish Kebabs the correct way.

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