How To: Make grilled salmon with garlic, ginger, & basil sauce

Make grilled salmon with garlic, ginger, & basil sauce

Packed with rich omega-3 oils, fatty acids, and more protein than a WWE wrestler needs before a big match, salmon is a wonder food of sorts. Omega-3s protect heart health, boost your metabolism, and reduce inflammation (which means fewer pimples for those that are acne-ridden), while protein helps you lose weight by keeping you fuller longer.

But there's the snatch: Almost no one really likes salmon. Not that we know of, anyways. You'll get a few flukes who can chug the stuff, but otherwise salmon doesn't have quite the same following as steak or chicken. But no more. Watch this food video to learn how to make a delicious grilled salmon with garlic, ginger, and basil sauce, and you'll swear you've never tasted salmon this good.

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