How To: Make grilled halibut steaks with chanterelles

Make grilled halibut steaks with chanterelles

Chef John from FoodWishes prepares a grilled halibut steak with corn and chanterelle mushrooms.

You can find chanterelle mushrooms in most upscale markets. Before cutting into chanterelle mushroom make sure you remove as much dirt as possible by using a brush or the edge of a fork. Next, cut chanterelle mushrooms into thick meaty slices.
Add a splash of olive oil onto a pan set to medium heat. Throw in your sliced chanterelle mushrooms and add a pinch of salt. Cook chanterelle mushroom slices until they're golden brown, about ten minutes. Slice kernels from one ear of fresh corn and add it to the chanterelle mushrooms cooking in the pan. You can also use about a cup of frozen corn. Next add a little bit of diced roasted red peppers. After toasting the corn and roasted red peppers for about three minutes, add about a half cup of water and simmer for five minutes to reduce the liquid.
Once liquid has reduced, add a chunk of butter and the juice of half a lemon. Reduce temperature to low heat while you grill your halibut steak. Season halibut steaks with a little bit of salt and pepper. Brush on a little bit of oil, and grill for four minutes on each side. To plate the meal, first, add your chanterelle corn mixture. Add freshly chopped tarragon. Next, place one halibut steak on top, with a few wedges of lemon. Lastly, top off your halibut steak with a handful of arugula microgreens.

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