How To: Grill salmon perfectly

Grill salmon perfectly

Grilling salmon perfectly is a tough feat but heat up the grill and this video will show you how. First, you can make a sauce of some kind (this video does not go deeply into how to do so, so choice whichever kind of marinade you would like!). Your next step is to get your grill very hot. Now, you will need to spray your grill with no stick spray to ensure a nice clean grill. Next, lay your salmon on the grill and close it and let cook skin side up for about 2 minutes. Flip the fish, and lather your sauce on top of the fish and continue to cook for five more minutes. Pull them off the grill with a spatula, making sure you lightly pick up the salmon, disconnecting the skin from the fish with the spatula! Now, you will have three perfectly cooked pieces of fish! Add in vegetables to mix and enjoy!

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